Androtest Review: Worth Buying This #1 Powerful Prohormone?

Today we will be reviewing a very powerful and strong prohormone called Androtest. It’s a supplement produced by Fusion Supplements and designed to be one of the most potent legal muscle builders on the market.

Androtest is known as one of the most popular products on the supplement market. Many people that are looking to gain some real muscle mass already tried this product and with success.

In this Androtest review I will be showing you everything you need to know about Androtest. We will let you know all the benefits, possible side-effects, and how to use it.

It’s strongly advised to read this review before buying Androtest.

Androtest is a prohormone supplement containing 4-androstenediol, which converts to testosterone in your body. It will drastically help you with increasing lean muscle mass and muscle strength.

Androtest also consists of an absorption complex called Cyclodextrin. This powerful complex will help you with the absorption of the active ingredients. If you would take 4-Androstenediol orally, you will only get a small amount of active ingredient.

Cyclodextrin will help your body absorb it 100% better. This means you will actually gain more muscle mass than a standard product.

After taking this product, your body will convert the 4-andro to real testosterone. Everybody knows that if you have more testosterone in your system, you will have the ability to gain more muscle mass and be stronger than ever.

Testosterone has many benefits, like:

– Increased Libido (Sex Drive)
– Better Sleep (REM)
– Muscle Mass
– Muscle And Bone Strength
– Facial Hair
– Overall Boost In Quality Of Life

What Can You Expect From Androtest

After a cycle of Androtest, you can expect to gain at least 10 lbs of lean muscle mass. A cycle of Androtest generally takes between 8-10 weeks, depending on the dosage.

Personally I also noticed a huge increase in strength after just two weeks of using this product. I increase my bench press from 220 to 265lbs after the cycle was complete.

The amazing thing about Androtest is that I kept all of my gains, muscle, and strength-wise.

If you ever took something like a testosterone booster, then you are in for a ride. This product is something you never experienced before. Forget products like 1-andro or epiandrosterone, because Androtest will blow them away in terms of muscle gains.

A general Androtest cycle would look something like this:





1 Capsule

1-10 weeks

RPN Havoc

1 Capsule

1-10 weeks

Post Cycle


Rebirth PCT

6 Capsules

1-4 weeks

Androtest before and after

As mentioned earlier, you can expect to gain some real muscle mass from this 4-andro prohormone. In the image below, you can see the visible gains in terms of size and also muscle conditions.

How to use Androtest

If you buy a bottle of Androtest, you will receive 90 servings, good for 1,5 month. It’s advised to take one capsule a day, first thing in the morning with some food.

If you already have experience with these kinds of products, you can start looking at stacking Androtest with other products like RPN Havoc or Nano 1T.

Most users didn’t require the use of a post cycle therapy supplement. However, it’s recommended to use a product like Rebirth PCT, just to be sure you will recover fully, and this will also help with preserving the muscle.

Final Verdict: Would I Recommend Androtest?

Androtest is a very interesting and compelling product that can lead to some serious muscle gains. It has a very unique blend of ingredients that never was seen before.

There is no doubt that this product will increase your testosterone, which will lead to more muscle tissue.

It’s a product that is easily stacked with other prohormones like RPN Havoc or any other legal steroid.

After using this product for a couple of cycles now, I can vouch for the quality of this product.

One thing is for sure: This product will give you your results in terms of size.

Androtest FAQ

Is it safe to use?

Yes, this product is entirely safe to use. However, don't exceed the recommended dosage. Keep in mind that this product is a dietary supplement and is in no way a replacement for real food. If you are not sure about the use of this product, please consult your doctor.

Can i stack it with other products?

I would only recommend stacking it if you are an experienced user or used similar products in the past. The best products to stack it with is any other prohormone or a legal steroid like Annihilate or products from Crazy bulk. Of course, you can always stack it with a pre workout supplement, creatine, and BCAA.

Do I need to pct?

There's not much information about the need for a PCT after the use of this product. Personally I would recommend using a PCT supplement like Rebirth PCT, just to be sure you recover properly.

Androtest Review
Androtest review

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