Male Extra Review: I Took This Male Enhancement Pill…

There are a ton of male enhancement pills available these days. Male sexual enhancement has been one of the biggest businesses on the internet for quite some time, and little has changed today.

Men around the world will pay exorbitant prices for supplements that are said to enhance their sexual health and ability.

The problem is not finding supplements – it’s finding supplements that work. There are so many companies selling scams out there that it can be hard to figure out which ones work and which ones don’t. 

In this article we’re going to talk about one of the most popular male enhancement pills on the market:

Male Extra.

Male Extra is a great mixture of a number of ingredients that have all been proven to enhance sexual ability.

But is it worth your money?

Male Extra pills are a brand of natural herbal supplements.

They use a specially designed formula that was made to help enhance male sexual strength, libido, and sexual performance. Male Extra is marketed by Vobue Limited, a company that is based in Cyprus.

Male extra purports to help men improve the strength and duration of their erections, enhance their girth and length, and prevent the frequency of premature ejaculation. Pretty good for an all-natural substance, eh?

One of the reasons that Male Extra can have such a wide range of benefits is because the formula includes a variety of different ingredients. Many of the ingredients in Male Extra have been used for thousands of years in ancient medicine systems like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Western science has begun to catch up, as well. These herbs have been proven, time and again, to influence libido, sexual health, and a number of other factors related to male performance. When they’re all mixed together, some pretty powerful things can happen.

Male Extra also includes a number of vital minerals and vitamins, like vitamin B3 and zinc. Both of these nutrients are known to be important for male sexual health. Another alternative is VigRX Plus.


There are lots of benefits that you can experience if you start using Male Extra. These are some of the benefits that men are generally most interested in:

Lots of the herbs that are found in Male Extra are able to help men gain more erections. There are a few reasons for this. First off, Male Extra enhances libido – you’ll simply be horny more often. Men who struggle to become sexually aroused will find this fantastic.

The other reason ties into the next benefit, here:

Lots of the herbs in Male Extra help enhance blood flow throughout the body. This means that your penis will have better access to blood, which means that you can have erections more often and have them last for much longer.

Again, because of the enhanced blood flow, your penis will grow much harder and stronger when you do have an erection.

Improved libido and sexual performance naturally leads to an increase in confidence in men. Male Extra can thus be considered useful for boosting confidence.

Not only will Male Extra help to boost your energy levels in the bedroom, it’ll boost your energy and stamina around the clock.

Lots of the herbs in Male Extra are known as adaptogens, and they can help improve your physical and mental stamina. 


After taking Male Extra for a few weeks, you’ll probably notice an increase in the intensity of your orgasms. You’ll also probably have orgasms more often.



Male Extra Results

These are some pretty powerful claims…

Does Male Extra actually live up to everything that it says? 

One reason to believe that the product works is that it’s been selling for more than 10 years, and it’s only becoming more and more popular. This simply wouldn’t happen if people weren’t trying it and having positive results from it.

The official website claims to have sold the product to more than 150,000 satisfied customers. There’s no way for me to prove that, but there are other ways to check out a product’s authenticity.

One of the best ways to know this is to talk to people who have used this male enhancement pill and see what they’ve said. I did this by checking out reviews from confirmed buyers of Male Extra.

A common theme that you’ll see if you look at the reviews of Male Extra products are that:

  • People tend to report having longer-lasting erections that are harder
  • Their sex drive increases significantly, and people with partners have much more sex with their partners
  • People ejaculate much higher volumes and have more intense orgasms.

These reports are often submitted by people who have bought the product. They’re not trying to sell anything – they’ve just had good experiences with it, and want others to know!

It’s also worth mentioning that to optimize results it is suggested to stack these pills with a testosterone booster. My to-go products are Testogen and Testofuel.

If you’re looking to enhance your semen volume, make sure to check out my in-depth volume pills review.

Male Extra Ingredients

The reason that Male Extra can be so effective at improving sexual health in such a wide variety of ways is because of its unique mix of ingredients. These are some of the ingredients included in Male Extra:

  • L-Arginine. L-arginine is a powerful amino acid supplement that helps the body produce more nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is used to help the blood vessels in the body relax, meaning that it’s necessary for you to gain an erection. More nitrous oxide makes the blood vessels more relaxed, which can lead to increased erections and also less time in between erections after an orgasm. 
  • Pomegranate extract. Pomegranate is one of the foods that is consistently and reliably called an aphrodisiac – a food that boosts sexaul desire. Pomegranate helps to bring blood into the penis, and some people even refer to it as nature’s viagra. 
  • MSM is a mineral that’s not usually found in many male enhancement supplements. MSM is useful for helping to keep your cells healthy, as well as helping to encourage blood flow to the penis. 
  • L-methionine is another amino acid compound. It is believed to help slow the speed of ejaculation. There isn’t a not of scientific evidence to support this idea, but many men have reported experiencing this after using this product.  
  • Zinc. Zinc is one of the most important nutrients that we need for our sexual health. It’s needed for the body to produce testosterone, and it’s also important for maintaining our libido. In fact, it has been shown in many different studies that men who are deficient in zinc often have trouble getting erections or even feeling aroused in the first place.

    The human body can’t make zinc, so we need to get it from food or supplements. If we don’t, we’ll experience sexual health issues. Male Extra provides us with 14 mg of zinc citrate – an easily absorbed type of zinc that can boost our sexual ability and T production.  
  • Cordyceps. Cordyceps is a powerful mushroom that is known as an adaptogen. Adaptogens are an interesting type of herbal supplement that provides a number of benefits. In the case of cordyceps, it can help to boost energy, increase blood flow throughout the body and to the penis, and help with endurance. This male enhancer has 25mg of cordyceps extract in it. 
  • Niacin. Niacin, which is also known as vitamin B3, is a very important nutrient. One of the most important things that vitamin B3 does is help your blood vessels relax. If your blood vessels can’t relax, then you can’t get blood into your penis. See what I’m saying?

    Male Extra contains 18 mg of niacin – enough to prevent a deficiency. If you have a niacin deficiency, you’ll probably have a hard time getting or maintaining an erection, so Male Extra can prevent this.

Side Effects

Male Extra is made with natural herbal ingredients and essential vitamins and minerals.

These ingredients are known to work well together, and they don’t cause any side effects when they are used at the dosage and frequency that Male Extra recommends. 

Always make sure to stick to the recommended dosage provided on the label of the bottle.

Where To Buy Male Extra

Male Extra is available on a wide variety of store shelves and online marketplaces, like Amazon. However, the best place for you to buy it is from the official website.

This is the only way that you’ll be able to take advantage of the Male Extra guarantee. The company promises that if you’re not entirely satisfied with their product within 60 days, then you can return it.

You’ll get all of your money back, minus the cost of shipping. Pretty much, you can try this product without having to worry about losing money.


Male Extra is one of the most popular male enhancement pills on the market. They’ve been selling their pills for more than 10 years, and they are only becoming more and more popular.

One of the reasons that they’re so popular is because they use a reliable herbal formula. This formula provides the same benefits as some prescription medications without the same type of side effects.

If you’re looking for a safe and effective form of male enhancement, then you may want to give Male Extra a try.

This concludes my Male Extra Review. If you have any questions about my personal experience, feel free to send me a message in the comments.

Male Extra Reviews
MAle Extra Reviews

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  • 9.1/10
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    Boost Sexual Stamina - 9.5/10
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    Value - 9.1/10