NanoDrol Review: #1 Strongest Prohormone & Explosive Gains?

NanoDrol is one of the strongest legal prohormones on the market. It’s designed to give you insane muscle and strength gains. It contains an ingredient called Methylstenbolonehowe, which is also known as Msten.

It’s an extremely powerful product designed by Fusion Supplements and exclusively produced for Predator Nutrition.

The unique thing about NanoDrol is that it’s not just a regular Msten product.

No, it has a patented and very unique delivery blend, which will lead to far more absorption of the active ingredients.

I am not going to bore you with the science behind it; the only thing I would like to mention about it is that it is evolutionary in the prohormone business.

In this NanoDrol review, we will show you how to use this product, the benefits, side effects, and if we would recommend it.

Benefits of NanoDrol

It’s not a secret that NanoDrol has many benefits. It’s often used by serious bodybuilders and people that are looking to gain solid lean muscle tissue.

Below we will show you what you can expect from NanoDrol:

– Strength Increase
Users reported an increase in strength after just one week of usage.
– Gain Lean Muscle Mass
Some users reported an increase in muscle mass from 7lbs to 12lbs after a 6-week cycle.
– No Estrogen Conversion
The active ingredient MSten doesn’t convert to estrogen. Meaning you do not need something to combat high estrogen-like you have with some steroids or other prohormones like superdrol.

As seen in the image below, you will see a user after a cycle of NanoDrol. Keep in mind that this person also did other prohormone or even SARMs cycles.

Nanodrol before and After


We already know that it’s a very strong and powerful product. However, NanoDrol is NOT something to take lightly at all!

You can expect the following side-effects:

– Suppression of natural testosterone production
This product will suppress you; this is very common with prohormones, sarms, and steroids. You will need to run a post cycle therapy like Rebirth PCT. It’s very easy to recover from this after just 6-8 weeks.

– Methylated Prohormone
This means it will be transferred through your liver, meaning it can get cause some damage. It’s therefore advised to use an on cycle support while running Nanodrol. However, the liver damage is minor, and you will always recover properly.

How to use NanoDrol

Once you purchased a bottle of this product you will not receive capsules, you will receive a dropper. You can just squirt it in your mouth and flush with some water.

It works pretty straightforward, you need to take it twice a day, in the morning and evening.

It’s advised to take it three times a day, if you are over 200lbs. Below 200lbs it’s advised to take it twice a day.

An average cycle of NanoDrol is between 4 and 6 weeks. It really depends on how you feel how long you would like to take it. I would recommend to not take it longer than 6 weeks because it can causes liver damage.

After your cycle you should start PCT right away. If you take a product like Rebirth PCT as your post cycle therapy you should take it for 6-8 weeks for optimal recovery.

Stacking NanoDrol

There are many different ways to stack this product. However, below I will show you the best Nanodrol stack.

The stack contains of Androtest + NanoDrol + Nano 1T.

When taking this stack, always make sure to use an on cycle support like TUDCA ELITE.

Of course you can stack these products with a pre-workout or creatine for optimal performance in the gym.

NOTE: This stack is ONLY for experienced prohormone users that at least took a couple cycles.

Final Verdict: Would I Recommend?

If you are someone that is looking for not just your regular prohormone product, then this is definitely something for you.

There is no way to compare NanoDrol results with just legal steroids or testosterone boosters. It has some very unique benefits, and you can expect to gain at least 7 to 12 lbs of solid muscle.

However, it’s a hardcore product that comes with some side effects like suppression and liver toxicity, which are all very minor and can be combated with the right approach.

NanoDrol Review
Nanodrol Review

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